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* If you arrive early, you may leave your luggage with us but access to rooms will only be granted after 3 PM.
* Please inform us at least 5 day in advance should you decide to cancel or make any changes to your booking.
* We will keep the room/bed for you for 3 hours from the stated time of arrival. After which, it will be released to other guests.
  If there is any delay in your itinerary, please let us know through phone or email to enable us to reserve the room for you.


About Hostel Korea

We are here for Your Perfect Korea Experiences. We have made many traveler's experiences in Korean since 2002. We are always learning from you, and listening to your inspiration from your traveling.

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Hostel Korea 11th : Changdeokgung [호스텔코리아 11th : 창덕궁]

140, Waryong-dong, Jong-no gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
서울시 종로구 와룡동 140번지

Business Number: 101-11-95029 / E-commerce Number: 2014-서울종로-0001
CEO: Kwon jin soo

Tel : +82-70-4705-1900 (From out of Korea) / 070-4705-1900
Tel : +82-70-4726-4310 (From out of Korea) / 070-4726-4310
Mail : hostelkorea11th@gmail.com
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